Electroplating rectifier - Software to control electroplating rectifiers

electroplating rectifier - electroplated diamond wheels - superabrasiv toolsKirchner provides high-precision electroplating rectifier for electroforming, electroplating plants for Hand and laboratory applications as well as ampere-hour meter (Ah Counter), dosing and pH monitoring specifically for electroplating and electrochemical industries.

We are specialized for the production of electroplating rectifiers for electroplated diamond grinding tools and superabrasive tools. Our electroplating rectifiers are designed to supply very high accurate current even for plating times of more than 1000 hours.

Also our units have some special features like timers, ah-hours, protection-current. All these features are very useful for the production of grinding tools, dental tools or other electroplated superabrasive tools.

Learn more about our electroplating rectifiers or about our dosing systems, AH-meter and pH control devices.

Current supply for electrochemical processes

Our electroplating rectifier has been developed especially for the needs of small electroplating baths and galvanizing by hand.

We have many years of experience in relation to the particular circumstances of the production of nickel-bonded diamond tools like dressing tool or dental tools.

For development of our electroplating rectifier we used many years of experience in a practical electroplating. Our rectifiers offer standard features that are indispensable in daily use for galvanic coating.

Here is an overview of the features of our current stabilizer.

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 KSQproduction - Software for electroplating rectifier

electroplating rectifier controll softwareSoftware to monitor and to control all Kirchner electroplating rectifiers. This speciall software provides speciall features created for grinding and electroforming industrie.

  • Our KSQproduction software offers this speciall features:
  • Control of up to 24 KSQ galvanic plating rectifiers by one PC
  • Transfer and processing of production orders up to 12 individual current programs with steps + ramps
  • Plating time up to 1000h for each single step
  • Data recording for each plating rectifier (current / voltage / production order / current program)
  • Definition and save of individual current programs
  • Display of production data in diagrams
  • Display and document production parameters down to each work order.


Dosing systems, AH counters and pH control devices for electrodeposition and electroplating

dosing systems AH counters and pH control devices_electroplatingPrecise monitoring and control of all physical and chemical parameters of the electroplating baths is necessary for the successful operation of an economically electroplating or electrochemical process.

While the physical parameters such as temperature and current are relatively easy to monitor requires precise control of the chemical parameters of an electroplating bath partly sophisticated facilities. The most important parameters to perform a galvanic bath reliably is the flowed through the bath ampere hours (AH) and the pH of the plating baths.

Here Kirchner electroplating provide a simple, inexpensive and suitable for small electroplating solution to monitor electrochemical and galvanic baths and automated according to dose. As they offer ampere-hour meter, pH-control equipment and complete galvanic Dosing adjust it to capture the values ampere-hours, pH and temperature on filling and process solutions according to freely definable intervals or the pH.

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