Programmable voltage sources for laboratory, industry, medical technology and electroplating.

Our devices KSQ1250 and KSQ3025 are freely programmable voltage sources and programmable voltage sources.

These universally programmable voltage sources enable both
current profile as well as a
voltage profile
automatically by our voltage sources according to your specifications.

In voltage mode, a freely definable voltage profile can be run automatically by the voltage source. Any number of individual voltage programs can be created and managed in the optional KSQproduction software.

Up to 12 individual steps can be automatically executed by the voltage source. Each step can be a constant voltage or a ramp.

The voltage sources
KSQ3025 allows values from 0-30V with up to 25A

KSQ1250 allows values from 0-10V with up to 50A.

Each single step of the voltage program can be arbitrarily between 1 second and 99 hours long.

Voltage Source PictureVoltage Source Picture




The KSQ1250 and KSQ3025 programmable voltage sources can be used as laboratory voltage sources or in industrial environments.

In addition to operation as a voltage source, operation as a programmable current source or manual current source is also possible.

Current source programmableCurrent source programmable

This makes it possible to run defined voltage profiles reproducibly. All data such as voltages, currents and times are recorded in a database by the KSQproduction program.This also makes it possible to evaluate the voltage/current profiles at a later date.For quality assurance purposes, a data record that can be exported to common spreadsheet programs is available.All our voltage sources have a precision of less than 1% error in both voltage control mode and current control mode.