DC power source for the precious metal electroplating (gold, silver, platin, ... )

nobel metal electroplating power sourceElectroplated coatings of gold, silver, ruthenium, platinum or palladium are always used when special requirements must be met at the electrical contact resistance or decorative aspects. Kirchner DC power sources are the ideal power source for this application. The DC power sources provide a very accurate current even at very low cell voltages. 

The built in ampere-hour meter allows precise control of electrodeposited precious metal. This helps to controll the costs. 

By the internal timer in the DC power source, the deposition stops automatically. It will only applied the amount of noble metal that has been defined in advance. This will reduce costs.

The fully automatic holding potential of the DC power source after the coating prevents discoloration of the workpiece, which are still stay in the electroplating bath.

Through the multi-channel structure of the direct current sources, the parallel coating of individual workpieces in a single coating bath is possible. 

All channels of the DC power source can be set separately or together.