Timer function - Scheduled electroplating with your electroplating rectifier

The applied layer thickness and the deposited amount of metal during electroplating depends on the applied current density and the duration of the galvanic process. Kirchner electroplating rectifiers are equipped standard with a built-in timer function.

Which enables the output of current for a defined predetermined time during the electrochemical process. After expiry of the set time, the electroplating rectifiers turns off or is lowered to 1/64 holding current.

This feature prevents passivation or discoloration of the finished workpiece.  The holding potential helps, if it is not possible to remove the electroplated part immediately after completion of the electroplating.

The selectable time interval can be between 1 second to 99 hours individual for each channel used in your electroplating rectifier. Of course, a durable power output without the timer is possible.

Such a time-controlled electroplating is everywhere a decisive advantage, where high demands are placed on the precision of the layer thickness. Exemplary applications include electroforming, electroplating and the manufacture of nickel-bonded diamond tools and dental products.

During noble metal plating the duration and the set current determines the amount of the deposited noble metal (gold, silver, platinum). For economic reasons, a precise control of the deposited amount of metal in the electroplating process is essential. Again, the Kirchner electroplating rectifiers also contribute to the integrated amp-hour meter is an important contribution.

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