Multi-channel power supply - up to 4 laboratory rectifier in one device

multi-channel-power-supply current sourceTypically in an electroplating bath is electroplated always a larger number of small components, or one big part at the same time. This requires either a high-performance single current source or multiple number small electroplating rectifiers.

In electroforming high demands on the geometric complexity have to be achieved.  It is quite common to apply different potenzial to different parts of the same component  in order to achieve a certain balance of geometric conditions.

The Kirchner multichannel electroplating rectifiers offer a tailored solution to this demand. The multi-channel rectifier each have four independently controlled channels. This allows the plating of up to four individual workpieces with defined current at the same time. All channels can be operated anywhere within their respective limits.

In the coating of larger components, the individual channels could be combined in any way. Thus, a current source with a doubled, tripled or quadrupled current output.

If this power is not enough, several Kirchner KSQ sources can connected together.

Multi-channel rectifier / multi-channel rectifier