The electroplating rectifier with high power and precision for electroplating

Diamond Plating source electroplating rectifier The Kirchner KSQ 1225 electroplating rectifier is the electrical power supply with a maximum output of 25 amps.

The current is controlled with a precision of just 5mA.

Capacity up to 25A at 12V

With the power of 25A at max. 12V and the ultra high precision of the output constant current the KSQ 1225 electroplating rectifier is the first choice for all operations and processes where precision and reliable operation is required.

The KSQ 1225 electroplating rectifier meets the highest standards and has numerous special functions adapted to galvanic processes. Typical applications for these electroplating rectifiers are:

The Kirchner KSQ 1225 electroplating rectifier includes also following special functions, adapted to galvanic processes :

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