Ultra High accuracy electroplating rectifier

dental tools electroplating diamond toolThe Kirchner KSQ 1204 electroplating rectifier is the solution to the requirement for coating of very small parts. Particularly for the production of nickel-bonded diamond tools, for the deposition of precious metals or coatings such as silver, gold or platinum is a precision electroplating rectifier for small and medium power levels is essential.

4 * 0,4A / 12V

The Kirchner KSQ 1104 electroplating rectifier set standards by constant control of very small current with low ripple.

Due to the multi-channel configuration up to 4 parts can be coated simultaneously in a single electroplating bath with independent streams.

 Also, it is also possible to switch two or more channels to a more powerful electroplating rectifier together. The time-controlled current output is a standard feature. By the standard integration of an ampere-hour meter, precise monitoring of the consumption of precious metals or additives in the galvanic bath is possible.

Typical applications include:

Dental Industry

Jewelry Industry

Manufacture of electronic components

Research institutions

Laboratory tests

Ultra precise electrodeposition