The power supply for diamond grinding tools and superabrasiv Tools

Electroplated Grinding Wheels Plating rectifierThe Kirchner KSQ 1224 is a power supply with an output of 6 x 4 amps. The current is supplied by up to four separate and independently controllable channels. With the increased performance, high precision of the output constant current and additional features such as the potential holding function, the ampere-hour meter and timer-controlled deposition, the KSQ 1224 power supply is the first choice for operation of electrochemical processes to produce diamond grinding tools and superabrasivs

4 x 6A / 7,5V

The KSQ 1224 power supply meets high demands on the precision of the current and delivers the power ripple free .

Typical applications include:

  • Electroforming and electroplating
  • Electroplated Grinding Wheels
  • Nickel plating medium and large components
  • Deposition of silver, gold and platinum layers
  • research institutions
  • Diamond Toold
  • Electrolyte testing and pilot plants