The current source for laboratory and manual galvanize - Dressing Tools

constant courent source - Dressing ToolsThe Kirchner KSQ 1210 galvanize current source is the solution to the requirement for the galvanic plating of small and medium sized components. Especially in galvanic laboratorys or by hand electroplating. In particular for nickel plating, copper plating or for various other electrochemical tasks.

The 1210 KSQ current source has a capacity of 4 x 2, 5 Amps. The individual channels can be arbitrarily connected together to a higher amperage together. The current source KSQ 1210 comes standard with a timer function and an ampere-hour meter (Ah-Counter).

4 * 2,5A / 7,5V

This constant current source is characterized by:

  • its 4-channel design
  • high quality - ripple free - current, 
  • simple to use and 
  • the micro-controller control system.
  • DiamonTools plating

Due to the multi-channel configuration allows to galvanize up to 4 parts simultaneously in a single galvanize bath with individual currents.

But it is also possible to switch two or more channels to a more powerful current source for the lab or a hand electroplating together.