DC power source for electroforming (nickel, copper, silver, gold)

dc power source electroforming electroplatingElectroforming is particularly suitable for the production of high precision individual pieces and prototypes. It is characterized by a highly precise molding of base bodies. Electroforming is primal forming from an electroplating bath. Metal is electrolytically deposited from an aqueous nickel or copper bath. It is mainly used to generate self-supporting metallic work pieces, mostly in high-performance copper and nickel baths. The plant for electroforming comprises an electrolysis tank with electrolyte, an anode, a cathode (model on which is electroplated) and a DC power source.

The connection of an external DC power source is required for the deposition of the metal ions. Kirchner KSQ DC power sources operate at unique capacity in this especially technical field.

  • High-precision current sources
  • Multi-channel structure of the DC power source for the deposition of complex components
  • Ampere-hour meter for bath monitoring
  • Time-controlled current output of the DC power source
  • Automatic protection by holding potential

Applications: including strainers, filters, injection molds and plastic processing, coating of electrode erosion